About Us



Anbin Muthiyor Illam Is Managed And Run By The Trustees Of Anbin Muthiyor Illam Trust, Set In Coimbatore, a Beautiful Hamlet In The Suburbs Of Coimbatore, It Has Lovely Rooms And Prayer Hall And Is Easily Accessible By Road From Coimbatore Air Port / Railway Station / Main Bus Stand.


The Focus of ANBIN MUTHIYOR ILLAM is to:

Provide a family environment to our residents

Accommodate a wide category of elderly people needing different levels of assistance.

Personalized care to residents without affecting their individuality & independence.

Full time geriatric nursing care.

Access to high quality hospital care in case of emergencies and specialized medical needs.

Fostering a harmonious relationship with family members through visits



Our Mission

ANBIN MUTHIYOR ILLAM is a non-profit, care home for the elderly. We are committed to providing for the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of senior citizens requiring assistance, in a loving, caring, dignified and Christian environment.




Our Goals are:

To provide an environment that allows our residents to maintain their independence and dignity while meeting their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

To treat all residents with dignity, respect, and kindness.

To understand and LOVE all residents.

To exemplify to its fullest, Jesus Christ's compassion to the sick and the elderly.




Anbin Muthiyor Illam was built specifically with the needs of the Elderly in mind. Our only focus is that our residents are comfortable and happy.

We provide spacious rooms to accommodate 1 or 2 residents and all rooms have attached bathrooms with safety devices for shower and toilet seats.  We have lounges on all floors for residents to socialize and meet guests. We also have gardens and walkways for residents to move around.  We have a spacious dining area for residents to enjoy their meals and socialize with fellow residents.